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Pearl River BP150 Baby Grand. Brand New $11,995

Classic Baby Grand The GP150 has been one of the best selling ?baby grand? pianos in North America since the 1990?s. At 4?11?, the wide ? tail design of this piano gives the ?belly? of the piano more tone, expanding the ?sweet spot? where the bass tone is produced. For those with smaller spaces but a taste for the tone and touch of a grand piano, the GP150 is the perfect instrument, providing the sound of a bigger grand piano. Unlike many pianos of this size, the GP150 comes standard with a full sustenueto middle pedal. Complete with 10 year Warranty and Matching Piano Bench. Pearl River, Named ?Acoustic Piano Line of the Year? ? Two Years in a Row! Musical Merchandise Review, (MMR Magazine) announced that Pearl River has been awarded ?2016 Acoustic Piano Line of the Year?. This is very rewarding after winning ?2015 Acoustic Piano Line of the Year? last year.
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